Online Rugby Betting in Australia

Playing and watching rugby are two of Australia’s national pastimes, so it’s only natural that rugby betting is one of the favourite activities at offline and online Australian bookmakers. Remote betting sites offer far more options, markets, bonuses and odds than their land-based counterparts, and you really owe it to yourself to check out online rugby bets. To help you make the most of all the exciting opportunities waiting for you, we’ve put some guidelines to rugby and online rugby bets together for you.

Two forms of rugby are played professionally in Australia, Rugby Union and Rugby League games, each with different rules. Union games are a little slower than League games, and feature possession contests which bring their own thrills to the games but reduce playing time to only thirty-five minutes. In League games, the action is a little faster and the absence of possession contests means game play accounts for about fifty minutes of the overall eighty minutes on the field.

Each game type requires different insights, and may suit some punting styles better than others. You might find you feel more comfortable or have more insight with one or the other as time goes on, but we definitely recommend getting familiar with both before you decide.

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Options in Rugby Bets

While there are a wide range of rugby bets available for both Union and League matches at the online Australian betting sites reviewed here, there are different sports betting focuses for each. Simple and exotic punts both get quite a consistent focus for League games, while Rugby Union game betting has three distinct areas.

Firstly, the national teams of the best rugby nations in the world are brought together in the Test Tournament. This fantastic event, the most popular rugby tourney in the world, kicks off the season and sets the tone for the rugby bets that are placed throughout the year. Putting money down on the Tournament can be very rewarding, and punting options include single match rugby bets with point spreads and without, and naming the overall winners.

The Club rugby and Sevens rugby circuits are the other two key areas in Rugby Union betting. Because these are more domestic than the Test Tournament, the atmosphere and overall experience at online Australian betting sites is quite different and there are more exotic options available. You can of course still choose simple win/lose rugby bets, but you can also put money on the performance of specific players. As you get more familiar with the athletes, this can be really rewarding.

Rugby Betting Tips

For both League and Union matches, you need to decide who to put your money on at online Australian sportsbooks with great care. We always advise our punters to do as much research as possible, and for rugby betting that includes checking the ladder, draw and game odds, sports reporters’ expert opinions and team or player statistics. Once you’ve gathered all the information you can, balance this with your own intuition. We would never recommend that you make emotion-based betting decisions, but there is definitely a place for trusting your own instincts as you become more familiar with and have more insights into betting on rugby.

Rugby Betting for all Australians

No matter what stage you are at in your punting development, the fantastic Australian online betting sites in Australia can meet your needs. As simple or as complex as you want them to be, you will always be able to find rugby bets to suit your needs.