Best Financial Betting Online in Australia

If you’ve always wanted to play the market but haven’t wanted to invest in stocks and have to carry all the additional expenses that can come with these commodities, then financial betting may be the perfect option for you. This type of betting sees you place financial bets on movements in the stock market or on other financial instruments and can be incredibly rewarding, should your prediction prove to be correct.

Financial betting has been touted by many Australian online bookmakers as the next big thing in gambling and its ideal for those who fancy themselves as stock market gurus or want a change from the usual sports or racing betting. Financial betting works in much the same way as normal sports betting, but punters get to bet on the stock market rather on the outcome of a horse race or rugby match. The top Australian online bookmakers that we recommend all offer financial betting at its best, and if you want to try this exciting new market there’s no better time to begin.

Financial betting offers punters a number of benefits, the biggest being the insulation from risk when compared to other financial instruments. With this type of betting the worst that can happen is that you lose the amount you bet, as opposed to being seriously out of pocket if you had actually bet on a stock and it had slid dramatically downwards. Financial betting gives you all the flexibility of playing the stock market but it takes away the chance of large untimely losses, making it a stress free option for every punter.

Typically, when you place a financial bets at a bookmaker you’ll choose whether your chosen stock will go up or down, by what amount and over what duration. The Australian online betting agency you’ve opted for will provide odds based on your wager and if your prediction proves to be correct you’ll be rewarded with a payout. Financial betting is simple, straightforward and is easy to understand, and Australian punters are fast finding out how lucrative a winning bet can be.

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Types of Financial Bets

Financial betting is a rather unique market and in addition to being offered by bookmakers it can also be found at specialised broker sites. We however only recommend bookmakers for you, as we feel that the sites we endorse all have excellent reputations and are best equipped to offer you all round betting enjoyment.

There are essentially 3 different types of financial betting on offer, with binary, fixed and floating odds being the most common options. Binary betting relies on an absolute result being attained, whilst fixed odds features odds that don’t slide and floating odds will depend on how many other punters wager on the same market.

When you pick the stock you wish to place financial bets on you’ll have to commit to whether you think it will climb or drop and over what duration. In certain instances a bookmaker also may offer spread betting as you’d enjoy with sports, and the odds differ depending on the type of financial bets chosen. The duration of the bet can be short or long term and it’s important to research the market before you place financial bets, as knowing how its shifted in the past can influence the outcome of the future.

Financial betting is fun and rewarding and all you need to do is choose one of the esteemed bookmakers we recommend for Australians, pick a stock, predict its movement over a set period of time and you’ll be well on your way to a potentially big win.